5 Thoughts for Christians’ New Year’s Resolutions

Monique DeCandido
3 min readJan 12, 2021

Your New Year’s Resolutions: Are They God-centered?

Before developing a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, I always made New Year’s resolutions. The fantastic thing about my resolutions was and still is that I always seek ways to improve myself; for example, by taking a course. The Lord ever expects us to develop ourselves, and the Bible teaches (study to show yourself equip). Even today, as a Christian, I have for the year 2021 enrolled in a course in stock investing and biblical counseling. Nevertheless, Christians should never approach New Year’s resolutions in the same way the world does.

Thought 1

Since the scripture teaches that for God, a day is like 1,000 years (these years are our calendar years), we should always understand that our calendar does not match the Lord’s time. Therefore, one should always aim to be on the Lord’s calendar. Just as how the tribe of Issachar understood the times, Christians must seek to know the times according to God. With this, Christians should never depend on the calendar of man, but rather God’s time.

Thought 2

Once you understand God’s time and season, your main goal will be to establish God’s will. This is where your New Year’s resolution begins as a Christian. Everything that will let you grow in the kingdom and help you build the kingdom will be the center of life. It is fascinating that it will not be limited to the calendar 12 months in a year; instead, it is a life sentence.

Thought 3

The best way to fulfill one’s resolution is for the person to have confidence in God who gives strength, rather in oneself, which is subject to falling off track. All resolution acts must be done through the Holy Spirit. One would often set a resolution and, before the end of January, being consistent, fades away. This happens because the individual places all their might in himself, rather than trusting in the Lord.

Thought 4

Always seek the Lord for what He needs you to work on for the time or the season. It is essential to work on the Lord’s plan rather than one’s desires. One should always keep in mind that the Lord will not lead them in a direction that will fail to bring His blessings. Each new year, individuals are always looking for ways to have more in abundance. However, the Lord knows the way to your success better than what you can imagine.

Thought 5:

Job 12:10 says that our lives and every living thing are in the hands of God. As Christians, we must remember that God is in control. Always hold this in your consciousness. Therefore, when you start to approach the middle of the year and everything does not seem as it is going “good,” encourage yourself in the Lord, just as David did.

I know that many of you still have trauma from 2020 ☺. However, (yes, 2021 will be more of a challenge), but we boldly say, “IN GOD WE TRUST” (Proverbs 3:5–6). The Lord Jesus Christ is on our side; the question now is, Are you on the Lord’s side?

Scripture for the year 2021: 2 Cor. 2:14.

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

The theme for 2021 is WE HAVE TRIUMPH IN CHRIST.



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