Biden-Harris and Identity Politics

Monique DeCandido
5 min readAug 20, 2020


Democrats game of identity politics continues to undermine Blacks/African Americans

Now that the Democratic party candidate has finally announced his running mate, the campaigning and fighting to overthrow the Trump administration, which they painted as a disaster to America and the world, are in full gear. However, there is one thing that the Democrats continue to demean: Black voters. Mr. Biden’s choice for VP is an insult to Americans’ intelligence and proves how much his party devalues Blacks and African American voters.

Identity Politics Demeans Blacks/African Americans

When it comes down to American politics, the Black and African American voters continue to be seen as stools instead of valuable citizens who deserve the respect of the people they want or do not want in Washington. Since the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks continue to receive the short end of the stick, as political officials continue to ignore that Black voters deserve to have better representations. One thing for sure, Mr. Biden and the Democrats consistently use identity politics to create an atmosphere for the Black votes. This form of politics is what divides America, and as Blacks and African Americans, we must stand up and let them know we will not tolerate these behaviors anymore.

In his semi-prime, on The Breakfast Club, Biden boldly made statements such as, “If you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t Black.” As a Jamaican migrant to this country, I will admit that there are two sides to Mr. Biden’s statement. First, one can argue that Mr. Biden’s speech was coming from a cultural perspective since most Blacks and African Americans vote for the Democratic candidates. Secondly, the statement he made can be considered as a political tool in which the Democratic party continued to define who is Black. The second understanding of his statement continues to fit the narrative of Mr. Biden’s party towards Blacks and African-Americans.

Choosing Senator Harris as VP Feeds Identity Politics

A few weeks ago, in another interview, Mr. Biden claimed that Blacks are not as diverse as other races, such as the Hispanic. What we should love about Mr. Biden is that nothing stops him from exposing the narrative his party holds about Blacks and African Americans. However, the party did not see it fit to stop there but went ahead and picked a “Black” woman to be Mr. Biden’s VP. First, it was that we aren’t Black, then we aren’t diverse, and now we must be the VP. The democratic prey on Blacks and African Americans is an insult to us as Americans, and this behavior we reject.

Since the Civil Rights Movement coming straight up to President Obama, there is a question dangling on the table which asks, do Blacks and African Americans vote by culture or by policies? For sure, we will have the answer to this question in the 2020 election. Still, for now, democrats’ behavior regarding identity politics shows that they endorse that Black voters vote based on culture and not policies. Since this is the fact, democrat political officials continue to use what they know and abuse Blacks and African American voters.

The Democratic Party Undermines the American People’s Intelligence

Not long before Mr. Biden announced his VP, 100 Black men of prominence signed a petition that he must choose a Black woman. This is all in the works of the democratic party. In America, Black women receive the most ill-treatment, which comes from their culture and extends to their politics. The statistics show that more Black women vote for the Democrats, even more than Black men. Black women have become the biggest side chicks for Black men and democrats. Senator Harris, as Biden’s choice, is just another perfect demonstration of how much Black women are belittled because of the Democrats.

Nevertheless, the political campaign which drives Biden to and said that he must pick a Black woman falls short of matching up with his selection. Over three years ago, when she got to the senate, they celebrated her as the first Indian American senator. She made history, the news reported, and with this, even with the Democrats’ identity politics, there are more confusions. Now it is an excellent time to ask if Mr. Biden’s party is genuinely inclusive as to how they market themselves, or if they are just opportunists. Therefore, any bandwagon they see as fitting for their power plan, they would follow along on that pathway, until something else becomes new — Mr. George Floyd’s death is a great example of their deception.

Americans Vote for Better Policies, Not Skin Color

Since Mr. Biden chose Mrs. Harris as his running mate, the political campaign for a Black woman appears gratified. However, does Mrs. Harris truly fit the narratives? The answer is yes and no. Already, other African Americans have dived in to settle the question of how Black is Mrs. Harris? Actions like these feed identity politics and separate Americans. But for sure, what popped up creates an atmosphere for more discussion. One African American Youtuber who is fighting for reparation already pulled about Mrs. Harris Birth Certificate. What is recorded is that her dad is from my island — Jamaica, but interestingly, her mom said that she is Caucasian. Now, these are the reasons why race should totally be erased from politics. For sure, now you have a potential VP who is announced as Black, got sworn in as an Indian, with a mother who claimed to be Caucasian. If one should follow the Democrats’ target on identity politics, then the question is, what is Mrs. Harris’ identity?

Voters like myself, who are all about policies and not about identity, hope she identifies herself as an American. From there, hopefully, if she and Mr. Biden can get their policies together, they may achieve to snatch some debating voters from President Trump. However, since identity politics is the oxygen for the democratic party, the campaign will continue to push the axiom that Blacks will vote for Blacks, and not on policies. Political behaviors such as these are insulting. Repeatedly, Black and African American voters continue to receive Democrats victimhood narrative instead of sound policies and values. Picking Mrs. Harris as the VP adds fire to the identity politics, and today’s America rejects such practices. We need competent politicians who are serious about their job and the American people.



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