Foreshadowing a One World Order

Monique DeCandido
4 min readAug 6, 2020


Our lives have changed significantly due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Most places now require customers to wear a mask before they buy, as workers all over must wear masks before they can occupy their livelihood. Actions like these make Revelation 13:17 vivid, which warns, “that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” For now, the mark and the name of the beast do not sound severe. The reason is that we know that all these actions are due to a virus. However, many of the activities as I spoke about them before, challenge scriptures.

Small Countries Enforcing One World Agenda

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my country of birth, Jamaica. This is currently the only country in which I have citizenship. When I reached the airport in Florida, I was not able to get on the flight, because I did not have an approval letter from the heads of government in Jamaica, for me to enter the country. I had to stay over in a hotel for one night, and thank goodness, I received the letter early the next morning so that I could board a flight home. It is not only crazy when a citizen is blocked from going into one’s country, but it is insanity when the country is not making decisions for itself.

When I sat at the airport in Florida, I was concerned to know what was happening. Furthermore, many people believe that a one-world order would first occur in the USA, and if the mark of the beast is going to be issued, the United States would be the first — oh, how they are wrong! I started to investigate what was happening and why a small country like Jamaica would endorse such behavior, and what I found is surprising.

Who is Writing the Manuscript?

There are many countries like Jamaica that are taking visitors and citizens alike. But according to the manuscript, the majority of them enforce that before boarding a plane, one must fill out an entry application online and wait up to 72 hours before someone in the current administration can approve it. Numerous countries are involved in this procedure, and here you can read more. What is shocking about this procedure is that many of the countries are not neighbors; neither do they share government operations, so the question is now, who wrote the orders for each country adopting such principle?

As a Jamaican who is eligible to vote in the country, I expect that when the leaders are being chosen to do a job, they are not influenced by outside forces, despite the circumstances. When I arrived on the island, I got the shock of a lifetime. On the island, they placed a tracking app on one’s phone, and in which daily; one would ask to log in to give a report. This tracking was not as effective with someone like me, since the internet service I use in JA is from another’s phone hotspot. But to know that due to a virus, one can be tracked down in his own country is worrisome.

Leaders Make Decisions by Yourselves

When I was a child, we would ask our Sunday School teacher how the Antichrist would know where everyone is at all times. They used to tell us that the Bible says it, and it will happen, but how they themselves were not sure. However, thanks to Corona, our eyes are opened to many of the tactics of the devil. I wrote about this experience not because I want to intimidate anyone about the end times, but to show the seriousness of the time.

Like it or not, the one world order plan must come to fruition. However, there is an appropriate time for it. This is not the time, since we know that there are still places in which the kingdom message is not yet preached. What we should do is to call out government officials and ask them who is the mastermind behind the procedures for entering the country. Also, we should demand them to make decisions for the country themselves. Living in America now and seeing how much outside sources fight against the country through illegal interference, help to make people living in the country to demand the government to implement better systems to block these behaviors. Now we see the act of the communist country app Tik-Tok, and we are happy that the president is doing something about their rude interference in American’s life.

Awake You Sleepy Heads

At the end of the day, every country leader has the right to do what is right for the country and the people. No country should fall for anything that represents the Antichrist unless it is willing. Our leaders are too educated to be this naive and accepting these orders. Jamaica, I encourage you to get it right and come out from the one world order agenda.



Monique DeCandido

I firmly believe in the Word of God and the essence of developing one’s spiritual needs. There is a voice for black conservatives women, and I embrace mine.