Modules for Christians When Voting

Monique DeCandido
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Christian voting helps to establish Matt. 6:10.

In a democratic society, elections can be tedious and even challenging. Some of these challenges include the rapid increase of violence, price gouging and even people losing their usual way of living, as seen today. However, on the other hand, being involved in a democratic society brings much praise since people can exercise their franchise by voting for whom they would like to be their leader. Also, there is a set period during which they can change or keep their current leader.

Can Christian Vote or Not?

Christians are fully aware of the biblical fact that they are in the world, but not of the world. Frequently, Christians will ask their leaders if they should vote, also why or why not? Christians are entitled to take part in their country’s election and even in their small community election. This is so for the following reasons:

1). When Christians go out and vote according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, they become partakers of the Lord’s will on earth.

2). Voting, according to the will of God, is a physical way to show principalities that you are in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

3). Voting as the Lord leads entails coming into agreement with Jesus’ teaching: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).

The reason behind the belief that Christians should not vote exists because the Bible continuously reminds us that children of God should not be involved with the activities of the world. However, the worldly activities which the Bible is against are those that do not conform or bring glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ. For instance, let consider an imaginary story of Sarah, who is a devoted Christian, and the Holy Spirit had revealed to her that Jim is His candidate for president. Sarah would give glory to God by voting for Jim, orating about what the Lord reveals to her about Jim, and even contributing to his presidential campaign. However, if Sarah goes ahead and attends parties of Jim’s campaign in which there are many ungodly behaviors, then it would mean that she is compromising her Christian lifestyle and would not be doing what is right. It is essential for Christians to vote because we are the instrument on earth to conduct the Father’s desires.

Some Modules for Christians When Voting

Now that we have pointed out that voting is a key part of a Christian’s life, let us look at some modules or strategies a believer can adopt so that his choice would be in line with that of the Holy Spirit.

1). Facts have no feelings.

Christians should not let emotional sympathies distract them from the facts the Holy Spirit shows them. Even if the Lord uses someone they feel is not qualified to speak, Christians must accept the truth.

2). After the Holy Spirit reveals the candidate, get confirmation.

The first way to know if the candidate is indeed the right person for the job is to look at their policies. Questions to ask yourself are:

• Are these policies in line with the Word of God?

• Do these policies bring glory to God?

• Are the candidate policies for or against the church?

It is essential to point out that the majority of these candidates are not Christians and will make specific policies that will not be against the Bible, but can be seen as cultural bias. An example would be a candidate who is for abortion versus one who is for the poor to pay nothing in taxes. Obviously, the Holy Spirit will not go for the candidate that is against His creation, for we know that He cannot go against His image. However, even though He will favor the candidate who excludes the poor from paying taxes, we know that it is favoritism towards the poor. Moreover, the scriptures command all to pay their tithes, even the poor as well. However, your goal is to know that your candidate policies are in line with the Bible.

3). Your candidate should publicly give glory to God. This is explanatory.

Every time a Christian stands up to join in agreement with heaven, the Lord accepts our request because it is one of the most gracious practices on earth. Nothing beats a Christian who shows antichrist principalities and powers that they are indeed the children of God. Voting for Christians is essential. Nevertheless, Christians must keep in mind that Satan is a “roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet. 5:8). Therefore, it is imperative to pray continually for our leaders and especially for those who incite the nation to sin. Christians should never ignore the power they have in voting and should find pleasure in being a part of their country’s democratic living.



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