The False Narrative of a Moderate

Monique DeCandido
3 min readSep 17, 2020


America’s politics has become so malicious that it eliminates those who were moderate.

Most of Biden’s campaign interviews (these also include that of his wife) continue to emphasize Americans who are “moderate.” As much as it sounds good, the category for moderates is in such a broad spectrum that the ideology is not promising. For sure, one can look at a moderate as someone willing to meet in the middle and is not quarrelsome. However, politics have become the center of Americans’ lives, and every decision is either praise or shame. American politics has become so personal now that before one can attest to be a moderate, he would have to eliminate his beliefs and adapt to a society where everything to the left is acceptable. The minute the individual stands grounded with a political viewpoint, they join a side. With this, it is just impossible for one to be moderate in the current political atmosphere.

If I should use myself as an example, I am a conservative. Every political decision which is aligned with the Word of God, I praise. The person who is a liberal or a leftist would not accept these political rulings and will want to fight them at the Supreme Court. This, of course, can be vice-versa. However, if we should take the moderate person, he does not care about the rulings of the land, for he has eliminated every personal belief. It is impossible to find such a person in what has become today’s America.

America Once had Moderates

Before the country became this political, there were moderates. However, since the Supreme Court rulings to pass the homosexual marriage law, and cases began such as the Colorado baker versus same-sex couples, people are forced to make decisions about the beliefs they would stand for. No Americans want to be forced to participate in actions he or she does not believe. However, since we as Americans deleted meeting in the middle and respecting each other’s beliefs, now the result is my way or the highway. This, I admit, is adversary politics.

For one to be a moderate again in America, our respect for each other and each other’s belief must first be restored. As Americans, we would have to meet at the table to discuss what is best at hand for the country’s future and the generation to come. This is indeed not a bad idea, but politicians do their job in representing the people who place them in office.

Political Policies are becoming too Extreme for one to be a Moderate

Personally, I want to be an honest moderate. What this means is that as an American with conservative values, I am willing to respect every law which does not tamper with my religious beliefs. Passing the rule that the land observes same-sex marriage as something good is one thing, but forcing Christians to accept it is troublesome. America can have those who are moderate again, but the political ideology and behavior must be respectful and reasonable.

Currently, it is understandable that there are people who support both the left and the right drastically. With the current political atmosphere, President Trump and his opponent vice-president Biden are targeting Americans who are independent and who fall in the middle. The middle Biden refers to as moderate, while President Trump calls them the silent majority. What we should observe is that these two have nothing in common, even though they fall in the same category of being in the middle. President Trump’s so-called silent majority are Americans who are of the right or have the beliefs of the right but keep their political ideology to themselves. These people can also be of the left but believe it is best to select the current president again because of the deficiency of the Democratic party. Vice-president Biden’s moderate, on the other hand, is hard to find. The political atmosphere has become so malicious that it stops producing moderates.



Monique DeCandido

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