What 2020 Taught Christians and the Church

Monique DeCandido
5 min readJan 4, 2021

So and How When the Church Became Non-essential?

When I just started to dedicate time to writing, I joined a group forum in Manhattan. When receiving my critique on a particular project, I found it strange when some writers got stuck with a few common biblical references. At this point, I began to think about the church standing in society. Migrating from a country in which Christianity is the foundation, it is no different from a Muslim nation that takes the time to educate people about the Quran’s teachings. I found it odd when a few grown Americans did not know simple biblical teachings, knowing the strong Christian influence in this country’s foundation.

As the plague of COVID-19 took control over countries one by one, out of fear, governments took the essentials to help protect their citizens. One major abomination this pandemic shows is how much the government thinks that they are the power in-charge, and they forget that there is a supreme power above them, to whom they must all answer. The Word of God still reminds us in Psalm 62:11 that, “God has spoken once, twice I have heard this: that power belongs to God.” Knowing what we now understand, one can see that the virus was created to cause havoc and implement a new system, which many government officials refer to as The Great Reset.

Christians Have Replaced the Spiritual for the Secular

Knowing what the Bible teaches, indeed there will be a time for the world to join as one, and the leader will be the Antichrist. Any time before that period is an illegitimate take over, which is outside the timing of God. Having this understanding, we know what they are planning will fail, and God is in control. However, the central calamity displayed in 2020 is the church’s status and what Christianity is to the world and even to the believers themselves. The primary lesson the year 2020 taught the church, and the people of the true and living God is that they have settled for the secular, not the spiritual.

In America, where the citizens have a constitutional right to worship, it was a sad action that they were banned from going to the place they gather to meet with their God. At the same time, areas such as abortion clinics and strip clubs are allowed to stay open. With this, one would ask himself, “What is the meaning of the church to the world?” For sure, here in America, the people who continually align themselves with the left show that the church is no longer the social upbringing of society. Therefore, they found it nonessential. Their actions indicate that the church must go back to its founding principles and influence society again.

America is now an Enemy to Its Judea-Christian Foundations

I always wonder what happened to America’s founding principles, which were based on Judea-Christian teachings. Many today want to argue that America was never a Christian nation; however, that is just a lie. Moreover, I like to remember when 9/11 took place, and cable news networks such as CNN broadcast Billy Graham’s prayer and sermon for what the nation was experiencing. Now I keep on asking, What has happened between now and 9/11 and which has made Americans refuse to call upon God in the face of COVID-19? One governor even declared that the people of his state should not believe that it is prayer or God helping them — statements such as these make one wonder what could have really gone wrong with Americans.

The year 2020 shows the church that it needs to shape up and build the kingdom Jesus taught about in the Gospels. The church has been so relaxed on getting people in the kingdom, but not establishing the kingdom. Today, Christianity is fighting to be eccentric in a country formed on Christian teachings and principles; many of America’s founding fathers received a Christian education, and the founding documents referred to God multiple times. Over the past four decades, the church has not offered anything substantial to society; therefore, it has been considered to be less necessary in today’s society.

Christians Must Stand Firm in Biblical Principles

The year 2020 has shown that the church needs to go back to the place where they would teach sound doctrines and influence society, even the government. The Word of God cannot fail, and in all humbleness teaches in Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” America has become a nation that exalts unrighteousness and canceled any doctrine of true Christian principles. So much took place throughout 2020, which shows we have a sleeping church. The major one is that this pandemic has been planned for wicked men to establish a new world. Indeed, the Lord Jesus Christ knew these plans even before their first meeting, and He will give us the victory. However, this hoax of a pandemic caught the church off guard, and we did not stand and establish the Lord’s will.

The church must take a stand to establish the kingdom of God on earth fervently. What this includes is not limited to weekly services and community food pantry, but to regain influence. The church must take a stand to build its medical facilities, schools for all ages, and even its bank system. The newest scheme one saw in 2020 was the so-called “fact-checkers.” What it taught us is that not even the internet people can trust anymore. I was one who loved to say, “Google it!” Somehow, those who only intend to do evil influence the world we now live in, maximumly, and not even the internet one can trust with giving the facts and truth. The church must take a stand to turn it around.

Despite the Man-made Plans, God is in Control

One thing is for sure: this year caught most of the world at a surprise. Many made resolutions, but they got struck by the disaster the world found itself in. However, one can celebrate the truth that nothing catches the Lord off-guard or surprises Him. The Lord is in control, and believers must trust where He is leading the church in these times. Let us move forward, believing the Lord to endue us with power to establish His will on earth. May we boldly declare, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Have a Happy New Year!



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